Mail Setup Instructions: Eudora IMAP-SSL

Converting from POP to IMAP

Eudora 5.1 with SSL-IMAP - Macintosh

IMAP is a mail download protocol which allows you to keep folders on the server and access these folders from multiple computers. This is great for users who don't use just one computer to check their email. With IMAP, users download a local copy of their mailbox and folders from the server. If you create folders on your computer, you must sync up with the server. However, you're not required to create folders. You can work with just one mailbox (your INBOX) if you like.

Remember, do not interchange between using IMAP and POP. This may lead to a corruption of your mail files. If you use IMAP, use it on all your mail clients.

  1. You must be running Mac OS 9.
  2. Make sure you have KeyChains enabled. KeyChains allow you to store all your passwords or certificates in one place. This is where's certificate and your Eudora password will be stored. To enable KeyChains, go to Apple -> Control Panel -> Keychain Access. If a keychain doesn't already exist, you're asked to create a new one. You will need to lock your keychains with a password. Make sure to choose one that is different from your login password. When your keychains are unlocked, any user on your computer can open applications using the passwords on your keychain. For security, you should always lock your keychain when you're not at your computer.
  3. Make sure you're running Eudora 5.1. To find out what version of Eudora you're running, choose About Eudora from the Apple menu
  4. From the Window menu, choose Personalities. The "Personalities" window will be opened.
  5. Highlight <Dominant>. Click Edit button. The Settings window opens with Personalities (in the left pane) highlighted. Each personality represents one email account from which you check mail from. If you've configured your account under another personality name, choose that instead.
  6. In the Settings window, make sure the following is set: Username: your-username (e.g., adent) Mail Server: Check for mail every: 10 minutes (recommended, minimum 5 min) Check mail on manual checks: Check if you want to manually check mail instead Real Name: your-real-name (e.g., Arthur Dent) SMTP Server: your-isp-mail-server (e.g., Return Address: (e.g.,
  7. Click on Personality Extras icon in the left pane, fill in the following: Server Configuration: IMAP IMAP Mailbox Location Prefix: mail/ For New Mail, download: Minimal Headers Only Use IMAP Trash: Uncheck Authentication: Passwords
  8. Click on SSL icon in the left pane, fill in the following: SSL for POP: leave as is. SSL for SMTP: None SSL for IMAP: Required (Alternate Port)
  9. Scroll up the left pane and click on Miscellaneous icon. Make sure: Use system keychain to store passwords: Checked
  10. Click OK
  11. Check mail, enter your password when prompted.
  12. A "Unknown SSL Certificate" window will pop up. To add this certificate to your keychain, click Open.
  13. Check Add to KeyChain. Select Always Trust in the pull down menu. Click OK . Click Done
  14. Now you can check mail again.
  15. To view your list of mailboxes, from the Window menu, choose Mailboxes. You will see your mailboxes on the left of the screen, under <Dominant> Please note. With IMAP, you must expunge your deleted messages manually. To expunge your message, use option+Special and select Remove Deleted Messages. Another way is to compact your mailbox. At the bottom left hand corner of each mailbox is 3 numbers (38/1k/5k). Click on this and your messages will be expunged.

Converting from POP to IMAP

In Eudora, the Mailbox windows contains two sections.  The section
labeled "Eudora" can be thought of as your local hard drive.  It
contains all the mail you downloaded via POP.  The section labeled
'' is your IMAP server drive.  Therefore, it is
important that you know where you are going to create any new mail
folder.  If the new mail folder is under "Eudora", then it's a local
folder.  This means that if you access your mail from another computer
via IMAP, you will not see this folder.

If you're migrating from POP to IMAP AND you DID NOT leave your mail
on the server, you may want to transfer existing Local Mailboxes to
the IMAP server.  This will allow you to see the contents of these
mailboxes when accessing mail from other machines.  If you will always
check mail from one machine, you do not have to do this.

Transfering Local Inbox
  • Open the local Inbox mailbox (the one under Eudora) and mark all of the messages by using the Select All feature from the Edit menu.
  • From the Transfer menu select the item Dominant (or whatever personality your '' account is under) and then select Inbox. All messages are moved to Inbox on the IMAP server.
  • Transfering Other Local Mailboxes
  • Create a new mailbox on the IMAP server.  Right clicking on <Dominant> and choose New....
  • Enter the name of the new mailbox, for example OldMail. Note that the name of the mailbox you are creating may be the same name of the mailbox on the local hard drive.
  • Open the local mailbox and mark all of the messages by choosing the Select All from the Edit menu.
  • From the Message menu select Move Message and then select the mailbox you just created. All messages are moved to the mailbox on the IMAP server.
  • The transfer may take some time depending on the number and size of messages being transferred.
  • Verify that the procedure has completed successfully by opening the newly created mailbox under <Dominant>
  • Continue for all mailboxes you wish to transfer.