New Security Procedures

Due to security concerns, will no longer support pop3, imap or telnet for incoming connections. The only supported protocol for remote shell access will be SSH. The only supported protocol for remote mail access will be IMAP-SSL. These are well developed protocols that address the growing security concerns involved with running a shared access server.

SSH: SSH provides an encrypted method for remote shell access. You should not notice any dramatically different behavior than you are used to with telnet. There are a number of free SSH clients for just about every operating system you can imagine. A comprehensive list can be found here.

E-Mail: Local e-mail (via pine, mutt, elm, etc) will continue to work as it has. Remote e-mail will only be available via IMAP-SSL. Below are instructions for the most common E-Mail programs:

IMAP-SSL for Power Users
If you already know what you're doing (or use fetchmail-ssl), here are the new settings.....

Incoming Mail Server:
Location prefix: mail/
Username/Login name: your-username
Email Address:
Password: your-password

Use Secure Socket Connection (SSL), port 993 (alternative port)